Friday, November 1, 2013

Treasures Via the Mail.

In 2005 as I was acquiescing to the reality that I was about to embark on another journey of cheer and discovery of trading card collecting.  With millions of cards of a great number of subjects available, I knew that baseball would always be my first choice.  The final decision saw all subjects being considered with my favorite, Baseball far out in front.

As I began to collect in earnest, good fortune shined upon me and with a few good luck finds, I found myself with over 15000 cards to sort and catalog.  There was no way that I could think about trading as I had no idea what cards lay hidden in that mass of cardboard.

Here it is 2013 and 11404 cards cataloged and finally I can see the bottom of card stacks to be cataloged.  A short time ago I decided it was time, I sought a trading partner and initiated the first trade.  Here's to Nick, the great blogger of Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Collector's Journey for a truly wonderful first trade experience.  A few of the treasures I received.

2001 Topps 378 Don Larsen.  Only baseball can produce such moments that define the history and presence of a spectator sport.  Throughout the history of baseball, moments of this type have woven is fabric into the aesthetic of American culture.  I like this card and the feelings that it evokes.
1996 Topps 189 John Smoltz.  If you ever had the pleasure of watching Smoltz pitch you were treated.  But if you ever witnessed that wild look in his eyes and the hard line of the jaw, you knew what was coming, he was mad and the hitters did not have a ghost of a chance.
2001 Upper Deck Vintage 337 Jeffery Hammonds.  Hammonds means little to me as a player that I would seek, but 2001 Upper Deck Vintage is a issue that I like.  Not being a particular fan of Upper Deck, I must confess that they did a very good job on this issue.  It is nice to add this card to my catalog.
2002 Topps 604 Rick Ankiel.  You have to admire a player that would be willing to totally reinvent himself to remain in the game.  Rick came to the majors as a picture, but retrained himself and became an outfielder when his pitching career was not keeping him in the game.  I like the determination.

2003 Ultra 94 Fred McGriff "Crime Dog".  This is one of those players that I am always happy to get a new card of.  2003 Ultra is a nice set and this is a player that I like, so the two together make this a treasured card in my collection.  Like ripping a pack and finding a favorite player.
I am always happy to get certain players on sets or brands into my collection.  These are the cards that make the work of sorting and cataloging fun and a pleasure.  As I find new examples of these cards, it always brings a smile.  Topps is my favorite brand most of the time.  It is always great to find a card of one of the true greats of the game like Hank Aaron.  And John Olerud and Chili Davis are players that I do not mind adding to my catalog.
Nick sent these and bout 55 other cards.  My collection is improved.
Happy Collecting.
Jerry Yeager
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  1. Glad I could help out. Let's trade again soon!

    1. Look forward to future trades. Putting together some cards now.