Monday, August 26, 2013

A Half Million and Counting


1887 Buckner Gold Coin 18a
One of 1st card in Trading
Card Database
I recently read a post on Trading Card Database
by the site admin that reported that the site had passed 1/2 million cards with images in this online database.  The site stats reports that there are over 5.2 million cards listed.  Now 1/2 million out of 5.2 million does not seem like a big deal does it?  After all, that is only about 9.7 % of the total cards on the site that have images added to its listing.  I kept an eye on the forum thread as I contemplated that the database now had that amount of images, and the thought began to form in my mind that this is a pretty big deal, after all, do you have a 1/2 million cards in your collection.  Well I certainly do not.  I have a very small collection(just over 9400 cards) and I do not get in any hurry adding cards to my catalog.  Think about it, collectors have scanned over 500,000 cards and then uploaded those images to the site, and that number is still growing.  Just today I uploaded another front and back image to the site.

1998 UD Choice 171 back
Kevin Garnett
1998 UD Choice 171
Kevin Garnett
You could make the case that, for the most part, all of those images that have been uploaded to The Trading Card Database were in an individual collection, scanned and then uploaded.  A collection of 500,000 cards would be a collection of note in anyone's book.  Being retired and in no hurry to catalog cards, I will probably never  reach a 1/2 million cards in my collection, but were I to accomplish such a feat, I would feel that I had accumulated a collection of significance.

So the bottom line, how does this relate to being a budget collector?  A large percentage of the 1/2 million cards with images are probably within reach of my budget collection.  Of the 5.2 million cards listed on the site, well goodness, it would seem that over 50 % would be in reach of a budget collector.  Think about it,  over 2.5 million cards with the price range of the average collector.  This is one of the major reasons that I collect in the manner that I do.  The possibility of building a collection of large magnitude is appealing, but the joy of watching my collection continue to grow is the real joy of my hobby.  Knowing that there is gobs of cards that are accessible for my collection is a good thing.

About The Trading Card Database.
  • Free Site
  • ALL major sport and non-sport cards
  • Supports user collections, list, wants and for sale
  • Over 1/2 million images
  • Over 5.2 million listings
  • Over 80,000 sets
  • Over 45,000 names
Check the sit out and if you have images not there, upload them.

Happy Collecting
Jerry Yeager

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SportLots  Sports Card Auction Site

The Card Collector High end Software for cataloging cards

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  1. I've seen the site, and it's okay, but I prefer Zistle.